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A man enters a shop:
- Hey, I'd like to buy a wallet.
- Which color would you like it, sir?
- Red, please.
- 1GCAfZdNjU4ZjQuUKosZ1xcR2SZJK3uCBe

- What gets mined and is not a mineral?
- A bitcoin.

- Back in my days money used to be printed on paper.

- Snap, I lost my key!
- Which one?
- The private one.
- Ok, you're screwed.

- How round is a bitcoin?
- As round as bits can be!

- Which word begins with L and rhymes with bitcoin?
- Litecoin.

- What does a bitcoin need to issue a birth certificate?
- His block height.

- What does the public key tell to the private one?
- You better hide well.